An Early Start To Spring 2012 - Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Business is Booming: Why You Should Open One in Your City

An Early Start To Spring 2014 - Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Business is Booming: Why You Should Open One in Your City

The concept of self serve frozen yogurt is a relatively new concept. The frozen yogurt stores are very attractive and beckons the yogurt lover to choose what they want. In our culture today people want everything to be personalized and customized just for them (just think of brides and their weddings!).

Self serve frozen yogurt stores allow the consumer's to create a unique, personalized experience. For a long time, ice cream businesses like TCBY and Baskin Robbins had only a few options of ice cream and frozen yogurt creations to pick from. New yogurt shops are popping up that allow the customer to decide what flavor of frozen yogurt, how much, and to pile on their own favorite toppings. Everyone has been very pleased with the variety of toppings, such as fresh fruit, cereal, hot chocolate syrup, and a wide range of candies. After the cup is filled with exactly what the customer wants, the customer goes to the cash register and weighs their creation. One can enjoy their masterpiece in the cool, clean, atmosphere of the yogurt store or take it to go.

Yogurt Store Online Training started out as a fun venture that has exploded with customer enthusiasm and satisfaction. YSOTC offers superb training and support for your self-serve frozen yogurt business. Now just imagine that you can set up in your city your own frozen yogurt store using all the secrets from YSOTC and become successful quickly.

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Another Successful YSOTC Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Project!